Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hello, my name is Sandi...

Hello, my name is Sandi I live in VA and I did something really
stupid today. I adopted a Maine coon cat mix without realizing what I
was getting myself into. She has been at the shelter from May till
today when I adopted her. She was very affectionate at the shelter,
but naturally she's hissing and upset because she's in a new
environment now.
I have a cat room where for the next two weeks she
has to stay inside. I also have 6 dogs (variety) and a DSH gray tabby
cat. I've been doing research since bringing her home and have read
that they are very tempermental.
I did try to brush her but she's wasn't going to allow that even though she so desperately needs it.
So far she seems content in the cat room. She will be an indoors cat
only. I live next to woods and I do not want to lose her. I hope you
guys can give me advice on how to help her adjust to me and her new
environment. I already have a dominant cat but am hoping that they
can become fast friends over a period of time.

The cat I already had is named Sterling and the coon cat mix I just got I named Maggie.
Sorry this is so long, just thought I would let you know a little
about me and Maggie, I do want to give Maggie a great home and want
her to be content and happy. But I really feel that's not going to
happen unless I get the experts on the list advice.

Thank you for
letting me join the list and I look forward to meeting you all.

Bloebloe, my maine coon

Charlie The Maine Coon Cat

This is a really cute video of our cute cat charlie hope u enjoy... he is the cutest cat in the world!!!

Maine Coon - Hunters Moon PL